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16 week

Womens Health & Fertility Program

This is a 16 week program designed to support  many different Women's Health and Fertility issues . Using bespoke individualised therapies which may include Acupuncture , Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy,Nutrition and lifestyle advise .

What does the program cover?

Why is it 16 weeks?

In general terms it takes 12wks to produce a quality egg/sperm. nutrition is paramount when we talk about egg and sperm quality. After the first 12wks it is generally safe to start trying, during the first 12wks I am looking at all the disharmonies within the body and using the treatments along with lifestyle to correct this so optimum health is obtained.


  • at the first consultation I would prefer to see both partners so I can outline my processes and the program

  • both partners should be in agreement with the process and organise testing as required. There are basic blood tests which I will go through with the female and a recent sperm test must be done within the first 4 weeks. If these basis tests are not done this will affect the timeframe of the program and therefore delay success.

  • test results need to be shared with me as your practitioner so I can organise treatment plans accordingly and discuss any referrals needed. Delays sharing this information will hinder the program progression and therefore success.

  • nutrition and lifestyle advise is given and I may advise you to see other professionals such as counsellors, nutritionist, herbal practitioners which I feel in my professional capacity you will benefit from and enhance outcomes

  • BBT charting, mucus tracking and ovulation testing will be introduced after the first 4wks and evaluated weekly. Tracking apps are used only for reference and timing of tracking period and not for ovulation.

It is my dream that soon all women will turn to holistic healing first.

In my experience women are tired of getting nowhere with their doctors.

I have worked with lots of women who have had multiple rounds of IVF fail before doing this inner work, only to find when they go deeper into the emotional work, they get pregnant naturally. 

Why is that? 

Because this work that we are doing with women goes to the root cause, it shifts energy blockages, it reprograms the doubts in their mind, and you as their guide, can help them to restore faith in their own bodies as being their ultimate healer.
  • Energy healing for women

  • Ayurveda for women

  • Womb healing

  • Menstrual cycle

  • Cyclical living

  • Hormone health

  • Reproductive conditions

  • Infertility

  • Fertile Woman massage

  • E.F.T - Emotional freedom technique is like acupuncture without the needles, by tapping on points you can release unresolved emotional issues.

  • Root Cause Release - energy testing to find where emotions are stored in the body and releases them through energy, intention and touch.

  • T.I.M.E combines the conscious and subconscious minds to create powerful shifts. We access the subconscious mind and can release emotions, limiting beliefs and program the future for success.

  • Womb & Ovary meditations - scripted for you to guide your clients through.

“Jo is extremely knowledgeable at what she does. She taught me to understand my body and listen to it rather than relying on sticks and apps whilst on our fertility journey. Above all else, reflexology and acupuncture helped me relax when I’d previously been anxious and stressed. We conceived successfully whilst on the  fertility course after previous losses and I continued to see Jo to help ease some of those not so lovely pregnancy symptoms."
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