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Complementary Services

Facial Cupping

Cupping has been practiced for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through gentle suction of skin, both muscles and blood circulations are stimulated. As a result tension points and aches are instantly relieved. Reduced inflammation, cell repair as well as lymphatic drainage are added benefits of cupping.


Face cupping, like other holistic beauty treatments, enhances natural features by promoting the formation of new blood cells. It does not promise a new face but one that is visibly brighter and firmer. Through gentle suctioning of skin, this beauty tool–used by Asian beauties in ancient times–blood and oxygen circulation is enhanced.


This leaves skin feeling immediately refreshed and rejuvenated. An overall radiance also follows a few minutes dedicated to face cupping. Wrinkles, crows, and frowns are also diminished.

Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is a powerful ancient self-care practice used by women worldwide to support deep wellness, women's wisdom, herbal medicine, and feminine power. Yoni steams, also referred to as V steams, vaginal steams, pelvic steams, chai-yok, or bajos, are a part of ancient womanly healing arts that are becoming popular again.


Yoni steams are holistic self-care practices in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina gently. 
Yoni steams are part of the Maya healing lineage and used mainly to cleanse the uterus when there are menstrual difficulties, after birth, and with menopause to completely clean the womb when finished bleeding. They are popular in Central America, India, eastern Europe, and in Korea, where women commonly incorporate them as part of their self-care routines.


Jo offers specially blended Organic Herbs from Scotland designed for specific women's health issues 

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