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Price List

Holistic Mixed Treatment

Clinical reflexology with traditional Chinese Acupuncture - 1hr&15mins

Clinical Reflexolgy

Used for specific health issues - 1hr

Traditional chinese medicine  diagnosis and acupuncture

For specific conditions that need a course of treatments (price is for 6 treatments, 3 treatments are £140)

Tcm/muskeletal acupuncture specific for back pain and body pain that is in the muscles due to strain or damage

For pain - up to 1hr

Cosmetic facial acupuncture

A 90min treatment that includes very small needles strategically positioned on the face to enhance the natural production of collagen in the desired areas for wrinkle free, plump and radiant looking skin. This treatment includes facial cupping and facial gua-sha , body acupuncture points designed especially for you to nourish and relax your whole body and mind . Concluding with a relaxing foot massage to send your experience to heaven and back

Holistic facial

A 90min needle free treatment, focusing on toning and relaxation. This treatment includes cleansing, facial cupping, facial gua-sha, collagen and green tea face mask, head and neck massage and a rejuvenating foot massage.

Neck, back, shoulder massage

Including cupping - 40mins

Indian head massage

Seated massage - 40mins

Holistic Reflexology

With Reiki - 1hr 10mins

Enhance a treatment  To support Pregnancy 

To support with Induction and Preparation of Child Birth  using a mix of Reflexology,Acupuncture and Moxa for Breech presentation Treatments can start from wk 35 treatment time 7

Children's and Teen's reflexology

Designed to support autism and anxiety in children - 30mins

Yoni steam

With organic herbs specifically for women's health issues - 30mins

12 weekly acupuncture treatments & 3 Yoni steam

Bespoke 12wk fertility & fertile ladies health care program

Supporting ladies fertility journeys through ivf,iui,fet and standard fertility using a mixture of treatments including: clinical reflexology, acupuncture, deep abdominal massage, womb healing and eft tapping. Supporting fertility and women's health issues such as endometriosis, fibroids, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea & PCOS. Includes various lifestyle and supplement advice.

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